Motivation is an important tool for success. The degree to which you can remain motivated and making progress determines the realization of your goals in life. The advantage of being motivated is not reflected merely in achieving goals. The benefits of motivation are numerous, and they...

You feel the time is right for a fresh start, yet you lack the drive to play sports or lose those extra pounds. Here is the formula for your success: we explain why is motivation important, how to find the right stimuli, focus on goals,...

Motivation is the set of internal or external factors that partly determine a person's actions. It is simpler words, it is the inner strength with which we can progress and achieve what we want. Self-motivation is putting enthusiasm in our life to make it more bearable, emphasizing...

If you are not sleeping as well as you should, we give you a series of tips that you can follow to have a totally restful sleep
Between 20 and 48% of the adult population suffers, at some point in their life, difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep. This is indicated by the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), an organism that recalls the importance of sleep in our health: lack of rest increases the risk of suffering from overweight and obesity, as well as hypertension and other diseases, in addition to affecting our quality of life. life and general well-being.
There are some habits that can help us feel good and strengthen our immune system.
If something has become clear during these months it is that health is and should be a priority. Now more than ever, it is very important to monitor and take care of our health and that of those around us, feeling strong, healthy, and vital. And there are some habits that can help strengthen our immune system and, thus, feel good. We tell you:
With a daily plan of activities, you can have time to work, take care of your children, and solve pending issues at home. Did you have to take care of your children and also do a home office during the quarantine to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic? "Sometimes it is difficult to balance your times, but you need to have an open conversation with them, establish rules and see that there is a moment for everything ",
A first step is to plan our days flexibly to be calm and give our brain certainty Are you worried about the problems that the quarantine may cause you? Not sure what to expect for the rest of the week or month? “Anxiety is the fear or worry of what is coming; your brain does not like uncertainty, the more the brain knows what is going to happen, it is calmer and uses less energy ”, explains the teacher.
There are two types of motivation: extrinsic, which comes from the recognition of others; and intrinsic, which is generated by an internal interest in developing ourselves as people.
A proverb says “ Take care of your thoughts, because they will become your words. Take care of your words, because they will become your actions. Take care of your actions, because they will become your habits. Take care of your habits, because they will become your destiny ”. Negative self-talk or self-talk causes us to drown in our problems, making them bigger than they are. That is why we must learn to manage this inner conversation, constructively directing our emotions and actions towards the achievement of our goals.