6 Items You Should Never Buy on Costco

6 Items You Should Never Buy on Costco

There are many reasons to love Costco, and it’s difficult to leave the store without spending $100 on things you didn’t have on your list. But there are some things it just doesn’t make sense to buy at warehouse stores — and some things that aren’t even safe to buy at such places.

Here are some things you should never buy at Costco, curated by real money pokies.

1 Books

You can buy books at Costco, but ask yourself if that’s the best place to do it. If you choose elsewhere instead of making an impulse buy, you might find more options, or even be able to support a small business instead.

2 Electronics

If you are looking for the absolute lowest price on that exact big-screen TV model or laptop you want, Costco might not be the best place to get it. With online retailer competition so tight, they sometimes don’t have the lowest price on any given model. And many of the TV and laptop models are made specifically for Costco and may cut back on features to cost less. Make sure to check out the technical specs to be sure there isn’t a missing feature you want.

3 Store Brand Toilet Paper

Toilet paper has perhaps never been a hotter commodity than it is in pandemic America, but smart shoppers will avoid buying Costco’s Kirkland brand during a visit to the warehouse store.

4 Soda

You might think you’re getting a good deal on soda at Costco—and you might be right. But it’s not necessarily going to be any better a deal than you could get at the national chain.

5 Over-the-Counter Medication

Medication can lose effectiveness over time. While it can still be effective after the expiration date printed on the bottle, that depends on a number of factors that are outside of your control, including how it was stored before you bought it. Using medication within its expiration date is just the best and safest policy. Having 400 tablets of almost any kind of OTC medication in the house is not only unnecessary, but could also lead to potentially dangerous situations, courtesy of francais en ligne.

6 Junk food

Huge packages of snacks such as Doritos and M&Ms are always tempting, especially when you make the classic mistake of shopping hungry. Unless items are wrapped in individual packages, though, they tend to go stale before they’re finished. The bottom line is: Do you really need 4,000 calories of snacks around?

7 Fresh produce

Though it might be tempting to grab five pounds of vine-ripened tomatoes or the giant tub of spinach because it’s just so cheap, those produce purchases might be one of the worst buys at Costco. But it’s not because of quality; it’s because of quantity.

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