How a baby is cradled to make him fall asleep

baby is cradled to make him fall asleep

How a baby is cradled to make him fall asleep

Rocking the baby to help him fall asleep is completely natural. Mothers always rock their little ones and do it in an absolutely spontaneous way, as she knows they knew exactly what to do and how to do it. For the first few times, when cradling the baby, perhaps a little panic is normal and many doubts can arise.

Many ask themselves, how do I pick him up? Do I have to support the little head? What if it falls from my arms? If I can’t get him to sleep, what can I do? Here are questions of this type. Initially, great help is given by the nurses in the hospital or by the mothers of the mothers themselves, but it takes very little to learn how to cradle your child. This natural movement is also imitated by many accessories that mothers choose to replace themselves with, such as rocking cots. Discover why baby too big for bassinet.

How a baby is cradled to make him fall asleep?

The practice of rocking the baby is also associated with her crying. In fact, cradling is also a way to console the baby, to make him reassure and relax in the arms of the mother. In general, it is important for the mother to try firsthand to cradle the baby or for her to carefully follow her advice without too many second thoughts. It is important to try early and not be discouraged if the baby does not fall asleep or calm down in the first few minutes of the swing.

To make your baby fall asleep, there are many practices you can try. Rock him, sing him lullabies, give him a nice warm and relaxing bath, play a little with him, and do many other actions. Each of these is very dependent on both the character of the child and that of the mother. Therefore, it is important that each parent finds his own method of him.

Most mothers prefer to put their baby to sleep in her arms, singing lullabies or reciting nursery rhymes, as grandmothers did. Other women, on the other hand, prefer to rely on more scientific methods recommended by experts and pediatricians.

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Today, there are also many practices and manuals that show real methods on how to put your baby to sleep. Here are they.

Sears or co-sleeping method

This method requires the mother and the child to sleep together, in the same bed and sharing the same space. This is a very popular practice in the past, but recent research has shown that it is also a dangerous method for children. During the night and the unconsciousness of both, the child has a higher percentage of being subject to suffocation or to the unfortunately known White death, or cot death is also known as sids. Check this article also.

It has also been shown that sleeping in this way would develop in the child such an attachment to the mother as to negatively affect in adulthood. A variant of this method is to use those cots that can be brought closer to the bed thanks to one of the removable sides. In this way, the mother and the baby can sleep at a very close distance, but each keeps their own space. The mother can always keep an eye on her child in the first months of life or the most critical and the child feels more reassured by the presence of the mother.

Ferber or estivill method

This is also one of the most criticized methods for the harshness with which parents have to put it into practice. Despite being a very rigid method, it has been shown that children get used to sleeping alone for a few days, even when they are very young. This method consists first of all that the child has his crib or bed in a different room from that of his parents. Secondly, parents must establish a priori the time when they want to put their child to sleep.

This practice consists in placing the baby in the cradle after having cradled and cuddled him for a few minutes. The doctor also recommends leaving the pacifier or toy with the baby. After that, the mom must necessarily get out of the room and leave the baby alone. Inevitably, the baby will start crying, but the mother cannot come back until at least three minutes have passed. This period of time must gradually be increased and it is necessary for the mother not to be moved by the crying and to keep her pulse.

Tracy hogg method or easy method

This method is best described by its acronym, namely: eat, activity, sleep, and you (you). In reality, it is a very simple procedure. The child has to eat a light meal for the evening and has to play a little after eating. Simple and quiet games that can help his digestion. As soon as the baby shows signs of fatigue (slow down his movements or rub his eyes), then it’s time to take him immediately to the crib or bed, trying to do it before he falls asleep completely.

If the baby wakes up during sleep, the mother can go to him calmly and without making sudden gestures, and rock him for a few minutes so that she calms down, and then reposition him in her cradle. To these simple operations, many parents combine a relaxing bath in hot water lasting at least a quarter of an hour. This is the most used method among parents to make their little ones fall asleep.

Montessori method

This method contains within it many educational principles that are based on the autonomy and the principle of freedom of the little ones. It is not a question of abandoning children to themselves but of leaving them free to explore the world and themselves and, for this reason, it is very often misunderstood. To put this method into practice, there must also be the famous “Montessori bed.” It is a very special bed that must not exceed 20 or 25 cm.

From the ground. Furthermore, it is a bed that does not have any containment and protection sides or bars. With a height much lower than the average, the child is free to get on and off when he wants and in complete autonomy. Furthermore, this type of bed does not have any protective walls or bars to allow the child to have an overview of “Of the world” without any obstacle.

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