Motivate yourself: How to Keep Working When You’re Just Not Feeling It

Motivate yourself

Motivate yourself: How to Keep Working When You’re Just Not Feeling It

Are you tired of waiting for your boss to congratulate you on the work you do every day at the office? Are you exhausted by waiting for the recognition of your co-workers who never say anything encouraging to you? Then, perhaps, the time has come to change your attitude to live in the first person: motivate yourself.

Recognize your achievements, reward your effort, enjoy each step you take, be enthusiastic, enjoy the routine work with joy, try to be an example for others … Motivate yourself every day, that is, try to risk and bet on that, that you really want.

Start the day with a positive thought. And say goodbye to him with the best moments of the day. Live on Mondays with intensity and on Fridays with the joy of knowing that the leisure time of the weekend is the best prize you can receive for all your effort.

Be very attentive to the signs of lack of motivation: tiredness, boredom, apathy, bad temper, sudden mood swings … It is impossible to hear these signs in order to act in time and prevent the pain caused by lack of motivation. Undoubtedly, one who has to face this obstacle experiences sadness and wears out.

Motivate yourself every day, not only when things go wrong, but also when everything is perfect, just the way you like it. To motivate yourself, ‘you can make a special plan any day, enjoy the menu you like best at lunchtime, give yourself more time for yourself.

The motivation of others does not depend on your will. However, self-motivation is your own responsibility.

Avoid frustration

Frustration is a human emotion that refers to the feeling of helplessness and sadness that arises in a given situation. Frustration can be experienced in the personal sphere but also in the workplace. That is, the fact of working in a job that you do not like or breathing an inappropriate environment for you can cause you a great feeling of stress, anxiety, or discomfort. What can you do to avoid frustration?

1) Try to change things when you don’t like them, instead of staying settled in what you already know. Try to bet on change, take risks, find the right means to do things better.

2) Express your feelings and don’t keep everything to yourself. Talk to your trusted friends about your feelings. It is important that you be prudent in this regard and do not talk about this issue with just any colleague in the office but with someone who really feels 100% confident.

3) Think that the situation is temporary, that is, it is not something eternal but that you can recover the illusion as soon as possible.

4) Compensate for the discomfort you feel at work with the optimism that comes from other areas of your life. For example, friendship, your hobbies, your inner world, your creativity… When you reduce your entire existence to a single field that also seems negative to you, it is normal for you to feel sad.

5) Make an active job search to be able to change jobs as soon as possible. The fact that in a crisis, it is difficult to find a job does not mean that it is impossible. Many times, the optimist looks for excuses not to take a step forward, while the optimist looks for adequate solutions to resolve an emotional conflict.

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