Six Places To Visit In New York City

Six Places To Visit In New York City

New York City is called many names from The City of Dreams to the Empire City and the Big Apple. It is home to many opportunities and you’ve probably heard many famous artists talk about the city in their songs. There are so many things you can do in this city.

So many that you might be overwhelmed for a while as you’ll need to come up with a daily interesting itinerary during your stay. There are so many places you can visit in the Big Apple. Here are some of the places you can visit during your stay in New York City, courtesy of aus online pokies.


The High Line

If you’re the type that loves nature with little fear for heights, then you might be spending most of your time at the Highline NYC. It is built on an unused elevated railroad track. The park usually wears different looks each season with a variety of plants, art performances and other activities, you’ll never find boredom during your time at this location.


Discovery Times Square

Some tourists only travel for the attractive museums spread across the globe. If you’re one of them, then you’ll definitely be loving Discovery Times Square’s interactive museum. You will get to see previous exhibits like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.


Little Italy

You should also consider visiting Little Italy during your time in New York City. However, you should try visiting this location in September during the San Genarro Festival, when you’ll get to have more fun especially if you’re a foodie. You can explore the restaurants as you tour around the neighbourhood and you can try playing games from


Seaglass Carousel

Once you get to New York City, forget about the traditional carousels you’re used to. Hop on the beautiful sea creature at Battery Park’s Seaglass Carousel. Unlike the regular carousels with a centre pole, Seaglass Carousel’s four turntables are driven underneath the floor with electric motors. Even those glowing fish will make great Instagram content.


AMC Empire 25

While touring New York City is quite amazing, it can be overwhelming and tiring sometimes as it is a very busy city. You might just feel the need to sit back and enjoy a good movie, The AMC Empire 25 theatre in Times Square is the best place to do that. It has amazing architecture and very comfortable seats.


Central Park

Central Park is one of the most famous parks not only in New York City but also across the globe. It is a park you should be visiting during your time in the Big Apple. If you’re not interested in walking, you can just remain in one spot in the park and enjoy the feel and views it offers.

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