10 tips to make a home office and take care of your children at the same time!

home office and take care of your children

10 tips to make a home office and take care of your children at the same time!

With a daily plan of activities, you can have time to work, take care of your children, and solve pending issues at home.

Did you have to take care of your children and also do a home office during the quarantine to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic?

“Sometimes it is difficult to balance your times, but you need to have an open conversation with them, establish rules and see that there is a moment for everything “,

Plan your day: activities yours and theirs, including “work” or responsibilities, but also recreational.

  • Adapt the spaces

Find a suitable space for your work, but also prepare that of your children, so that they can be playing or doing activities, while you are working.

If they are young it can be a nearby place so you can watch what they do, if they are older look for a suitable place for their responsibilities such as studying.

  • Give them challenges and occupations

Give them challenging tasks, educational activities, games that keep them entertained and active, at the same time as you.

“For my children, I would give them an activity to do while I was working and we would finish at the same time.

“It ‘s something I recommend, especially for young children, who always have something to do”,

  • Have dialogue and rules

Talk to them and explain that it is not like a weekend or vacation. That you are at home, but you have to work and agree to certain rules that they must follow.

“You need to have an open conversation and make them see that there is a time for everything, ”

  • Follow your schedules

Seek to be as disciplined as possible in the activities you have planned. That your work schedule does not become more important than living with your family.

“Try to make your personal and family time, as far as possible, immovable, as if it were an important meeting”,

  • Live together and take advantage of the facilities of remote work

Tips to make a home office

Take advantage of the home office to do activities that allow you to be connected to work but also interact in some way with your children.

“The have calls that do not need to be in front of the computer, I take my kids to the playground and start doing physical activities, jump, dance, or play “,

“If there are several meetings followed, I take those breaks of five minutes between board and board to see what they are doing or giving a game. And if it’s by phone, I wear hearing aids and I am with them”,

  • Give yourself breaks and alternate work with home

In general, breaks when working in your office or home office are very healthy. Even more so, with family. Give yourself 10, 15 minutes every so often.

“You also have to give yourself certain spaces:  stop for a coffee, do some stretching or relax a bit,”

  • Take advantage of quiet moments

If there are quiet moments in your work or the activity of your children (for example, naps in small children), you can take advantage of them to rest or take out personal or family earrings that you want.

“I am with my daughter and I take advantage of her nap hours to take priority tasks of the day and the rest of the day to attend to the mail and other less demanding things. So I do not neglect work or time with her,”

  • Don’t stop playing with your children and be creative

Just as you dedicate time to work and to put activities for your children, dedicate it, at the end of the day or at strategic moments, to play and entertain yourself together.

“You have to look for activities that are not as common daily as a board game or doing a dynamic together, that you feel that you are doing something different and that you are also living with them,” says Bertha.

The UNICEF enlists ideas like:

    • Makeup choreography or dance.
    • Costume parade.
    • Have a picnic somewhere in the house.
    • Treasure hunt.
  • Rest

Each day brings its own desire. The pending work will continue tomorrow and the family too.

Make sure you rest and be physically and emotionally well so that you are well with your children and at work.

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