5 Clever Ways to Cut Down Wedding Cost

5 Clever Ways to Cut Down Wedding Cost

Everyone wants that fantasy wedding at an exotic venue with lots of food and drinks to go around. However, not all can afford the budget that comes along.

Although marriage rites differ across the world, there are common ways to cut the costs of a wedding. Here are six from Meilleur casino en ligne de france.

  1. Go digital with your invitations

Sending out professionally-printed wedding invitations comes at a price. But a completely free alternative is to send out e-invitations and even create your own wedding website. It’s an environmentally-friendly solution that will allow you to avoid paying postage as well as printing costs. What’s more, a website will be a handy place for guests to find information about the venue, such as directions, as well as to post their pictures and comments after the event. If you run an internet search, you’ll find a range of sites that provide low-cost options for building your own website.

  1. Don’t get too daring with DIY

Pinterest has grown in popularity as a source of wedding inspiration for brides-to-be, but be wary – those shabby-chic decorations that look like they came from your grandpa’s garage junk pile aren’t as cheap as you might think. With more couples inspired to DIY a charming wedding, flea market vendors have picked up on the trend and are charging top dollar for trendy, vintage decor.

  1. Cut the guest list

Not the most politically fun thing to do, but if you’re serious about saving, the number one thing you can do is cut the number of guests you’re having. The reception (venue, food, drink) is going to be about 50% of your budget so if you want to cut costs, cut the head count. You can always invite people to a get-together in the pub, or the afters if you would like to include them. The good news is that, these days, people are more accepting of small guest lists than they were years ago, cited by users of online casino real money.

  1. Use a public or non-traditional venue

One of the biggest budget-eating items is the wedding venue. While your client may want a fancy private wedding venue, this may be outside their budget. It’s a great idea to find non-traditional alternatives for wedding ideas. Hosting a wedding reception and ceremony at a public venue such as a park, historic site, or at the beach can really help you shave thousands of dollars off the budget.

  1. Reach out to talented friends

Couples blessed with creative friends and family can leverage their robust network in lieu of hiring expensive vendors. They can play key roles in the event, such as a pianist with songbird vocals and a friend with a cinematography background to record the festivities.

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