9 tips to motivate children to study

Motivate children

9 tips to motivate children to study

It is already the middle of the course and the tiredness in the children is more noticeable. The hours of study and homework seem increasingly longer and more expensive.

As parents, we face the challenge of ensuring that our children obtain the best possible results, without losing the joy of being children. To make this possible, children need to be motivated to study and learn to fight for their goals.

Here are some tips that can help you get your children motivated:

Tips to motivate children

Attractive Environment

Physical space contributes to concentration. You have to find the most appropriate place to study. Aspects such as room ventilation, temperature, adequate lighting, and silence can be taken into account, looking for a place to study that is not noisy.

Help Him Set Goals

For every human being, it is of the utmost importance to establish goals and objectives, be it short, medium, or long term. The same thing happens with our children. The satisfaction generated by the fact of achieving them motivates him to continue considering others, perhaps more challenging than the previous ones.

Write down the goals and place them in a visible place. The fact of writing it down makes us commit.

Specific goals: “Jon, you will raise your math grade next term, and to achieve this you need to follow 3 steps: Study math 20 minutes a day, take a surprise exam that your mom or dad will do once a week, ask your teacher any questions you may have. ”

Attention To The Notes

Taking notes requires a task of attention and synthesis that can make studying much easier for your child. Teach him to write down the main ideas that are discussed in class, as well as the specific data that requires memorization. Remind him that it will be easier for him if you include titles and paragraphs or if he uses his own abbreviations.

Help Him To Make A Comprehensive Reading

No matter how much you reread a topic, it won’t do you any good if you don’t understand it. For the reading to be effective, you must understand what is being explained. This will facilitate your learning. Actions like underlining can help you a lot.

Teach Him To Underline

Underlining can be very useful when synthesizing ideas. They should highlight only the most important ideas. If practically everything is underlined in a text, it will not help at all

Show Him How To Prepare For An Exam

Ideally, ask the teacher what kind of exam it will be and not study at the last minute. If you put into practice the steps given so far, it will surely be much easier for you. During the exam, it is essential that you read the questions carefully and answer the easiest ones first. If you have any questions, ask the teacher.

Messages Of Encouragement

The messages that children receive daily from their parents are very important. Through our messages, we can transmit as many positive things as we want.

Combine Study With Play Or Rest

It is advisable to first agree on the schedule and then respect the times established by the child or adolescent to study.  And alternate with other activities necessary for their development and growth such as sports, games, and sociability.

Stimulate With Prizes

This can be a good way to motivate your child to study, that is,  rewarding the effort with a gift or something that your child is looking forward to. Here the logic would be that the greater effort and better results you will give better rewards.


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