Clean the kitchen: Tips and tricks

Kitchen cleaning tips

Clean the kitchen: Tips and tricks

If you take a look at the food handling regulations, you will notice that special mention is made of food hygiene, and to achieve good hygiene it is essential that both the kitchen and the utensils that we are going to use to prepare the food are perfectly clean and adequate.

Kitchens in general, and especially industrial kitchens, will be the workplace used when we go to cook and treat food, so we need it to be clean and free of any contaminating element that can damage the state of the food that we will later consume. . From the Training Center we want to offer you a series of tips and tricks to clean the kitchen and make it look like gold. Take note below.

3 Useful Tips To Clean The Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning tricks

  • When it comes to the kitchen, it must always be thoroughly cleaned and for this, help yourself with all the necessary and specific elements or products for cleaning kitchens.
  • Take the opportunity to tidy up the kitchen as you clean it.
  • Start with the highest parts, leaving cleaning the floor for last.

Products For Deep Cleaning

To carry out a thorough cleaning you will need to have what is necessary, not only with cleaning products but also with gloves, rags, sponges, kitchen rolls, etc. One of the main mistakes we come across is that many people do not use the right product for each situation, which means that the expected result is not achieved.

Pay attention now, because we are going to tell you what kind of products are the most necessary if you want to clean the kitchen like a professional:

  • A disinfectant spray, to clean all kinds of surfaces.
  • A specific cleaner for the oven and microwave.
  • A good grease remover for countertops, ceramic hobs, and stoves.
  • A metal and wood polisher.
  • A dishwasher is suitable for all types of kitchen instruments.
  • And of course, Bleach for the most aggressive areas.

Cleaning Of Pantries, Cupboards, And Surfaces

The most recommended thing is that you start with the cleaning of pantries, cabinets, and all kinds of surfaces. For the pantry and cabinets, use a quality disinfectant product together with a microfiber cloth, as it will be a key element to remove dirt.

Empty drawers, cabinets, and pantries. Clean everything thoroughly, and take the opportunity to tidy up while you clean and thus leave everything perfect. If they are made of wood, use special cleaning products for wood. Remember afterward to organize the food products according to the allergen labeling, separating them conveniently from each other.

Once you have finished, move on to the exterior surfaces, paying special attention to the countertop. And don’t forget the tiles.

Ceramic Hob, Stove, And Extractor Cleaning

The next thing will be to start cleaning the ceramic hob or the stove, as well as the extractor. For this, you will need special products such as grease remover and of course, make sure they are not connected.

To thoroughly clean and facilitate cleaning, you can use very hot steam, as it will help the accumulated fat to come out.

Cleaning Of Appliances

Once you have cleaned the pantries, the surfaces, and the stove area, it will be time to get to the appliances. Here you have to pay attention since depending on the type of appliance you will have to use one product or another. In order not to damage them, it is preferable to consult the brand’s recommendations or use neutral products.

Clean the Oven and Microwave

We start with the oven. If it is electric, you must disconnect it from the current. Remember to wear protective gloves and then remove the inner trays and racks. We recommend that if the oven is too dirty, open the kitchen windows so that it is well ventilated.

Clean the pans and racks, then let them dry. Thoroughly clean the interior of the oven, using a specific grease remover product for ovens. Keep in mind that it will take at least thirty minutes for it to take effect. And to clean the microwave you must follow a practically identical process.

Clean The Fridge

To clean the refrigerator, also disconnect it from the power to ensure that there is no problem. Empty it and take the opportunity to throw away any product you see in poor condition. With frozen products, we recommend that you use a cooler, so they don’t thaw while you clean.

Remove the inner shelves and soak them in hot, soapy water to remove any grime. Thoroughly clean all interior walls using a microfiber cloth and a specific cleaning product for refrigerators.


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