Does It Cost to Take a Stroller on an Airline?

Does It Cost to Take a Stroller on an Airline

Does It Cost to Take a Stroller on an Airline?

Traveling with a baby or toddler can be both exciting and challenging. One common concern parents have is whether it will cost them to take a stroller on an airline. In this article, we’ll explore the stroller policies of different airlines and find out if there are any associated costs. The blog content is provided via

When planning a trip with young children, parents often wonder about the logistics of bringing a stroller along. A stroller can be a lifesaver during long layovers or when navigating large airports. However, before you head to the airport, it’s essential to know the airline’s stroller policy.

No Cost for Most Airlines

The good news is that for most airlines, it usually does not cost anything to take a stroller on board. If you’re a parent, exploring how to travel with a stroller can be a daunting task. However, the airlines understand the needs of parents and want to make air travel as convenient as possible. Most airlines allow you to check a stroller for free, either at the gate or at the ticket counter.

Size and Weight Limitations

While airlines generally allow strollers for free, they do have certain size and weight limitations to ensure safety and ease of handling. The dimensions of the stroller should typically be within the airline’s guidelines. If your stroller is larger than the maximum size allowed, you might need to pay an additional fee.

Let’s take a look at some examples of stroller policies from different airlines:

American Airlines

At American Airlines, you can check one stroller for free at the gate or at the ticket counter. However, there are size restrictions. The stroller must be folded and must not exceed 50 inches in length, 28 inches in width, and 24 inches in height. Be sure to measure your stroller before your trip to ensure it meets the requirements.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines also allows you to check one stroller for free. Like American Airlines, the stroller must be folded for storage. The maximum dimensions allowed for Delta are 45 inches in length, 27 inches in width, and 18 inches in height. Knowing this in advance will save you any last-minute surprises at the airport.

United AirlinesDoes It Cost to Take a Stroller on an Airline

United Airlines, too, offers the convenience of checking one stroller for free. Remember to fold the stroller before checking it in. The stroller should not exceed 42 inches in length, 28 inches in width, and 20 inches in height. Compliance with these guidelines ensures a smooth travel experience.

Confirm with Your Airline

Although we’ve covered some major airlines’ policies, it’s essential to verify the specific stroller policy with your chosen airline before you travel. Airline policies can change, so it’s best to check the most up-to-date information on the airline’s website or by contacting their customer service.

Additional Tips for Traveling with a Stroller

  • Arrive Early: Give yourself plenty of time at the airport to check in your stroller and go through security.
  • Gate-Check: Some parents prefer to keep their strollers with them until they reach the gate. Most airlines allow gate-checking, but be sure to fold the stroller before boarding.
  • Protect the Stroller: To avoid any damage during transit, consider investing in a stroller travel bag or cover.
  • Lightweight Options: If your stroller is too bulky or heavy, consider using a lightweight travel stroller for easier maneuvering.

In conclusion, taking a stroller on an airline usually does not incur any cost. Most airlines allow you to check a stroller for free at the gate or ticket counter. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the size limitations to avoid any unexpected fees or inconveniences. Always check with your airline before traveling to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.

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