Find cockroach nests to completely eliminate them

Destroy cockroach nests

Find cockroach nests to completely eliminate them

Cockroaches are unpleasant insects and carry many diseases. If you want to avoid it, you must find cockroach nests and kill all of them by eliminating the root of the problem. Go for it!

If this summer you have noticed that you have cockroaches at home, your number one priority should be to learn how to kill them. It is very likely that, if they tend to recur in your home, they have a nest in a crack or behind a piece of furniture or appliance. For this reason, it is very important that you know how to find a nest of these unpleasant insects and thus prevent their spread. Take note of these tips!

How to detect cockroaches nest and eliminate it

How To Know Where There Are Cockroach Nests?

Eliminate cockroach nests

Technically, cockroaches do not build a nest: a nest is understood to be the place where several cockroaches congregate, usually a protected space with easy access to food and water, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

If you want to know how to get rid of cockroaches, you should pay attention to the signs that these insects leave us. If you usually find small stools, with a peculiar smell, in the form of black powder and less than 1 mm in length, unfortunately, you are right: you have a nest of cockroaches at home!

You should also pay special attention to the appearance of brown and irregular stains, which sometimes appear on kitchen surfaces -especially if there is plenty of water around-, as it is probably the fault of a nest of cockroaches. Finally, if you see several pieces of dead skin, it could be from cockroaches, because throughout its life, a cockroach sheds between 5 and 8 times of skin.

Where Do Cockroaches Make Their Nests?

Cockroaches prefer warm and humid environments, especially if they have a food source and water supply, as is the case in the kitchen and bathroom. Look well into small cracks in walls or under furniture. Sometimes you can even find a nest under carpets, rugs, or wallpaper on the wall.

If you find clues in the kitchen, look well at the bottom of drawers, in corners of cabinets, inside the pantry, under the sink, and behind appliances (refrigerator, washer, and dryer). In the sink, look at the cracks and crevices of loose tile.

What To Do If You Have Cockroach Nests

If you only have a couple or three roaches it will be relatively easy to get rid of them, especially if there is no sign of a nest nearby. For this reason, once you have eliminated these cockroaches with a product, try to keep the kitchen and bathroom clean and avoid leaving crumbs and food scraps in sight so that new cockroaches do not settle.

However, if you have more than a couple of cockroaches, we recommend that you turn to pest control and fumigation services. It is important that you do it as soon as possible, as it can cause illnesses and asthma attacks in allergic people.

How To Get Cockroaches Out Of Their Nest

Cockroach nests in corners of your house to have sustenance to survive. However, the greatest weakness of these insects is sweets: take advantage of their weakness and make sweet-smelling traps to make them come out of hiding. In this way, place containers throughout the house with sugar and baking soda so that they are attracted to the smell of sugar and poison themselves with baking soda. It will be an irresistible bait!

Is It Bad To Step On Cockroaches?

Surely many of you have heard that it is better not to step on cockroaches, because by crushing them they can release their eggs and, in this way, the remedy is worse than the disease. However, this is a myth: experts recommend not stepping on cockroaches because they have a very strong exoskeleton, which can withstand great force and is very flexible. Therefore, one hit does not usually kill them successfully. It is better and more effective to intoxicate them!

What Smell Keeps Cockroaches Away

There are several odors that, if cockroaches detect you near your house, will make them run away in fear. For example, the smell of many plants will drive away cockroaches from your kitchen, as is the case with aromatic plants such as lavender, mint, or eucalyptus, or citrus scents such as lemon or orange are the worst enemy of a cockroach.


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