Four Popular Types Of Wine

Four Popular Types Of Wine

Picking good wine for yourself or a dinner party can be hard as there are hundreds of varieties available. Red, white and sparkling. While it’s easy to pick the same bottle over and over, variety is key when hosting.

In this article from best payout casino, we will be listing out some of the most popular types of wine so you can find something to take to that dinner party or store in your home.


Pinot Grigio

Quintessential pinot grigio, particularly from Italy, is known for being dry and easy to drink, making it one of the world’s most popular wines. It’s also known by a few different names around the world, including “pinot gris” in France, the U.S., Chile, Australia and Argentina, and “Ruländer” in Germany, one Paul Merson loves to drink.



Chardonnay is the most planted grape in the world and the U.S., though many either love it or hate it. That’s because wine with the chardonnay grape can be produced in two very different ways: one aged in oak and with malolactic fermentation, and the other in stainless steel and no malolactic fermentation, also known as unoaked chardonnay. The latter process results in clean, crisp wines that taste nothing like the buttery, oaky chardonnays you may be used to.

For chardonnays that tend to be less buttery and oaky, look to Chablis, a region in Northern Burgundy making wines of the same name, though they can be pricy. For oaked chardonnays with flavours of ripe pineapple, lemon curd and toffee, look to California and South America.


Pinot Noir

Lighter than other grapes, such as merlot, malbec and cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir is fruity and soft, making it a crowd-pleaser for red-wine drinkers. Depending on where it’s made, the flavours found in a pinot noir range from dark fruit and earthy mushrooms to spicy horseradish. French Burgundy is the most famous, and generally the harshest on the wallet, but ideal for special occasions. For more affordable versions, look to the U.S., New Zealand and Germany, where pinot noir is called Spätburgunder, it is a great compliment when playing games from America online casino.



A style of winemaking versus a grape, rosé wines are made when red grape skins are left in contact with the wine for a short time, allowing a little colour to be imparted but not as much as for red wine. Rosé has soared in popularity over the past few years due to its affability and ease of pairing with pretty much everything. Flavours can range from strawberry to citrus to melon. For the driest rosés, look to the most famous rosé-producing region, Provence.

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