How to get motivated to play sports with these tips

How to get motivated to play sports with these tips

Throughout our lives, we propose several times to start a training plan. Joining the gym or buying a pair of running shoes are the most common strategies to get in shape. However, after the first few days,  the motivation for novelty disappears, and very few people make sport a habit.

Several factors keep us from our goal, not just lack of motivation itself. Finding those weak points, overcoming them, and motivating ourselves will enable us not only to start playing sports but to consolidate them as an indispensable part of our life.

Causes of abandonment

An active routine takes time and motivation. Getting our body used to a new habit and fitting it into our day-to-day goes through several phases, where consistency is essential, but it comes with ups and downs. It is in these ups and downs that most of the dropouts arise.

Why can’t we find the necessary motivation to continue with physical activity?

  • We don’t like activities. Playing sports is not following the majority or seeking the traditional. The elliptical machine at the gym or going for a run may not appeal to us.
  • Unrealistic goals. We set ourselves up to do sports 5 days a week overnight. The sport begins little by little and with goals adjusted to our reality.
  • Tiredness. Our working hours can be too long, so trying sports afterward is a bad idea.
  • Lack of time. Directed activities incompatible with us or believe that we need a long time in the gym each day to see results.

Get motivated for sport

Overcoming lack of time, forgetting about fatigue, or finding an activity that we like are essential steps to start playing sports, but it is also essential to keep motivation high.

The following strategies will make you find the motivation to maintain the sport over time and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

  1. Always with music

Numerous studies have evaluated the effect that music has on athletic performance. Not only does it influence the motivation to start the activity, but it also increases productivity, obtaining better results.

  1. Forget about doing it alone

It is not necessary to always go with a friend to the gym, but if we focus on socializing during sports activity, we can find new sources of well-being when exercising.

  1. Make it routine by breaking the routine

It is necessary that, if we consider following tables or doing exercises with machines in the gym, we vary the routine every two weeks. This will have a double impact: on the one hand, the body does not get used to it and, on the other hand, we will not fall into the boredom of always doing the same thing.

  1. Look for short-term profit

To see the aesthetic effects of the sport we need several weeks to pass. But if we focus on short-term benefits, such as reducing stress or increasing endorphins, something that happens at the same moment, we can maintain that motivation. The focus should be the day-to-day, not the physical change that will come three months from now.

  1. Evaluate the change

Track your progress. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass, you must measure the results. It is important to do this not only by looking at the scale but through measurements of various parts of the body.

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