How to make the bathroom always smell good with natural remedies

Make your bathroom always smell good

How to make the bathroom always smell good with natural remedies

The bathroom is the room in the home where bad odors accumulate the most from the toilet and the pipes. Especially if the ventilation is not adequate. Luckily, there are simple tricks that the bathroom always smells good.

In Spain, there are many tricks and specific products to eliminate bad odors. The bathroom is a room in the house where it is possible that the bad smell is something recurrent. It does not matter that cleaning is regular and ventilation is adequate, bad odors can come from other places such as the kitchen. Baking soda will be of great help for this purpose, as well as other remedies that we show you below.

In this article, we present a series of simple tips so that your bathroom always smells good. Because the bad smells there are unavoidable due to the toilet, the musty smell, or the pipes, but they can be avoided. Take note!

Tips so that the bathroom always smells good

Tips to bathroom always smell good

Let’s think that the bathroom is a space where we must be careful to disinfect surfaces with the right ingredients and clean them daily. In addition, the humid places in the bathroom also favor the formation of mold, so if you want your bathroom always smells good, you must apply these effective natural remedies.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the best remedies to get rid of bad bathroom odors. We can use a small bowl filled with baking soda to clean the trash can or the small garbage can that we usually have in the bathroom.

To solve the odor problem, rinse the trash can with water and vinegar and sprinkle the bottom with two teaspoons of baking soda. Then, place the garbage bag and let the soda do its job, because thanks to the anti-odor action of baking soda, you will prevent the bathroom from being impregnated with unpleasant odors. Change the baking soda regularly so that the deodorant effect is effective and long-lasting.

If the bad smell comes from the pipes, there is a very effective trick that you can use: in a bucket, add water, a few spoons of baking soda, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The baking soda will absorb all the bad odors in the house and neutralize them.


Vinegar is an ideal natural ingredient to carry out different cleaning tasks, as well as it can be used to eliminate bad odors. These sometimes come from bacteria that hide in dirty places, so vinegar, with its sterilizing action, will not only clean the bathroom thoroughly, but it will also prevent the formation of odors.

Mix vinegar with water and place in a spray bottle to apply to affected surfaces, wiping clean afterward with a damp cloth. Vinegar neutralizes odors and prevents mold buildup, so fill a cup of vinegar and pour it down the drain and let it work. Do the same with the shower curtain.

You can also make an air freshener deodorant by mixing two cups of water, one teaspoon of white vinegar, one teaspoon of baking soda, and ten drops of your favorite essential oil.


Lemons are full of multivitamins ideal for our body. However, they are also essential for cleaning the kitchen and neutralizing bad odors. And it’s as simple as placing a couple of lemon slices in a corner of the bathroom and voila!


It is one of the most popular remedies, but also one of the least effective. The reason is that if you light a match when you are going to flush the chain, the bad smell decreases since the phosphorus in the matches has a very intense aroma. Unfortunately, after the essence is fired or burned, the stench will return to the bathroom if none of the other tricks are performed.

Ventilate the Bathroom Daily

Ventilating each room in the house for at least 10 minutes is essential to avoid bad odors. This simple act will help eliminate viruses, bacteria, or any bad odor that may have been produced in your home. You can play with cross ventilation to take advantage of air currents and circulate faster.

Dry the Towels Well

It is inevitable that wet towels leave behind a slight musty smell that spreads throughout the bathroom. Dry the towels well and change them frequently, keeping them well spread rather than folded so they can air better.

Make Your Own Air Freshener

Making a homemade air freshener is not only the most fun option, but it is also the best way to ensure that your bathroom always smells good. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil, like sandalwood or orange, and mix it with a little water. Place the mixture in a sprayer and impregnate the entire environment with the essence.

Laundry Detergent

Another very effective and simple trick is that of laundry detergent. Just pour a stream of this product into the tank, so that the detergent for the washing machine will go to the bottom and stay there. Thus, every time we flush the cistern, its aroma will be released and the whole bathroom will have a very pleasant smell.

Use Aromatic Soaps

A very simple way to make your bathroom smell good is to use aromatic soaps, it is also a natural way to make it a clean and pleasant place. You can also opt for something similar to matches: light scented candles when you go to take a bath.

Bad Smell in the Toilet

If the bad smell in the bathroom comes from the toilet, again we will resort to the star product: baking soda mixed this time with coarse salt and boiling water. It is as simple as pouring this mixture into the toilet and letting it act for around six hours. In a few days, you will be able to eliminate the bad smell of the toilet.


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