How to motivate yourself? (+ 9 techniques)

motivate yourself

How to motivate yourself? (+ 9 techniques)

Motivation is the set of internal or external factors that partly determine a person’s actions.

It is simpler words, it is the inner strength with which we can progress and achieve what we want.

Self-motivation is putting enthusiasm in our life to make it more bearable, emphasizing the good and not paying too much attention to what we dislike.

One of the first steps to self-motivation is to find out what you are passionate about and set goals to achieve it because people without goals tend to become demotivated faster.

Try these nine techniques to motivate yourself:

  1. Think positive

To start on the right foot, you have to generate positive thoughts from which trust, patience, and all that series of tools that will help us move forward are born.

A simple trick to build this optimistic atmosphere is to simply wake up with a smile each day, even if you don’t feel like it.

You should also watch what you think because each thought is followed by a feeling and this by action. If you think that something is not going to go well, it is very likely that you will unconsciously make it not go well.

It is necessary to do mental hygiene, practice meditating every day, and be able to not get hooked on negative thoughts.

Just as you take care of your house, and you do not want anything out of place to exist in it, take care of your mind,  do not allow thoughts that demotivate you to inhabit it. It is a habit and can be cultivated just like any other.

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

  1. Hear positive things in the morning

The first hours of the day are very important and therefore have to be as positive as possible.

It is possible that when you hear negative information in the morning your day is influenced and therefore your motivation. Better leave the news for the afternoon or when you have done the really important things.

Like it or not, everything that happens from the moment we wake up will have a direct influence on our motivational level. So try to ensure that the first hours go by without major complications.

  1. Reward yourself

The success of our endeavor is a great reward. When success occurs, they compensate for all the time, work or effort that we have invested.

Sometimes the satisfaction of a job well-done works by itself, but it does not hurt to complement it with some detail for us – such as a relaxing bath, an afternoon at the movies, or a comforting nap.

This depends entirely on the tastes, creativity, and personal circumstances of each person.

  1. Do exercise

Physical exercise triggers the release of dopamine, the well-known happiness hormone. Practicing exercise daily and especially at the beginning of the day will make you see it differently.

Take care of your body, regulate or enrich your emotional life and maintain the balance between the mental, physical and emotional planes.

  1. Learn something new every day

Dedicate an hour a day to learn a new skill, surely there are many things you do not know how to do or that you can improve.

Learning new skills increases our sense of worth and improves our self-concept.

  1. Find a taste for what you do

If we do not have the opportunity to follow our passion or dedicate ourselves to something that we like, it is always possible to find a taste for what we do.

You could think about how good it feels to do it, how much you learn, or how it allows you to help others.

  1. Set goals

Goals are another great way to motivate ourselves because they give us a reason to keep going, help us focus, and challenge us.

And for these objectives to be effective it is necessary that they be challenging –within our possibilities- and that they be established by ourselves or, in any case, with which we agree.

Define big and general goals that help you establish a course in life – for example: be financially independent-; and small, specific goals that help you gain confidence and measure your progress – for example, increase your income by 10% for the next month.

  1. Acknowledge what you have advanced or achieved

If our motivation diminishes along the way, one way to regain it is to consider all that we have already advanced or achieved thus far.

When you feel unmotivated, take a minute to acknowledge the road traveled to date and what you would throw away if you decide to decline.

  1. Be grateful for failures to learn from them

Successful people know that from time to time the game of life will send us to the ground.

Faced with the problems or difficulties that come our way, we can lament, feel bad and let them weaken us, or take them as a challenge and make us move forward.

Remember that in pleasant moments you enjoy yourself and in difficult times you learn to be better.

The day you don’t enjoy what you do, consider a change.

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