How to motivate yourself? Self-motivation tips

How to motivate yourself

How to motivate yourself? Self-motivation tips

We always say that motivation comes from within, motivating yourself depends more on yourself than on external circumstances. Although it is difficult to assimilate, especially when your environment insists that you become unmotivated, you only have to watch a news program to realize this. Motivation is a crucial issue for professionals today since the least self-motivation itself depends on you. But how to motivate yourself? Are there any practical tips or techniques? Let’s see some:

Motivation alone is not a mental issue

If your body or physical energy and emotional affective life do not accompany you, it will be very difficult to motivate yourself. Therefore we will have to consider the balance between other planes or dimensions of the Being: Mental – Physical – Emotional. Take care of your body and regulate or enrich your emotional life.

Self-motivation depends a lot on whether you have something to look forward to, a goal to achieve, or a goal. The people tend to become demotivated aimless faster. For this reason, set small goals every day or every week. Planning the objectives to be achieved each year is something that will help us feel more motivated.

Watch your thoughts

A feeling and this by action follows each thought. If you think that something is not going to go well, you will likely get it wrong. Doing mental hygiene, practicing meditation every day, and not getting hooked on negative and catastrophic thoughts are going to be essential. Just as you take care of your house, and you do not want anything out of place to exist in it, take care of your mind, do not allow thoughts that demotivate you to inhabit it. It is a habit and can be cultivated just like any other.

Learn to stop your rhythm

Haste is the number one enemy of Happiness. In these moments in which we all run too much, in which information is overwhelmed, we suffer from the syndrome of having everything and not enjoying anything. Learning to lead a quiet life in which you put awareness in everything you do will help you contact the present, the only place where you can be happy.

Use affirmations

For example, write down your intentions, goals, and emotions you want to nurture the most. Affirmations are a very valuable tool indeed, but also hugely underrated. Sometimes people find it silly and embarrassing to write messages to themselves and then read them aloud. Do you know what? You already do it all the time but unconsciously. So why not do it consciously? Start with just one statement and read it aloud every morning.


You can personify a character or imitate the cry of animals. Play pretending to be your favorite cartoon character. Playing will relax your mind and at the same time you will gather more resources for new games: good motivation is always supported by joy.

Say NO

Say NO to distractions and depression. Practicing NO is liberating. Too many commitments often make your life a chore. Limit your promises and only do the things you want to accomplish. Go in front of a mirror, smile, and start practicing gently saying NO.

Look for positive people

Sadness, complaints, and disappointment don’t play a good role in motivation. On the contrary … quite the opposite! Positive, optimistic, and energetic people, on the other hand, shift your vibration in the right direction. Look for these people, find them and befriend them. Sometimes all you need to motivate yourself is to be surrounded by bright, happy people.

The difficulty is part of the game

Learn to work under pressure. Some things are more difficult than others: accept it and focus on doing what you have to do, avoid instead of focusing on your dissatisfaction. Often when things are difficult, it’s even more worth doing. Without sweat, there is no glory. Whenever we feel that things are getting tougher, we learn to feel even more motivated to get them done! The reward, in the end, will certainly be greater.

Create your challenges

Personal challenges are short-term goals, typically ranging from 15 to 90 days. Having personal challenges strengthens your inner power in the same way that gymnastics trains your muscles. The more you do, the more motivated you feel to do more and more.

Choose a positive motivation

When you feel stuck in motivation, do your best to keep it positive and focus on its function. Negative motivation is rooted in fear. A positive one is rooted in passion (love in action), in the drive to improve your life and the world.

Let go of your defenses

We all have defenses and some of them are quite high, so much so that we don’t let ourselves get our thing done. The worst part is that our defenses work on a very subconscious level more often than not. In the courses, we teach to recognize them, accept them and then let them go. Learn how to do it and it will make your life easier.

Don’t expect perfection

This will soon drain you of all your energy. Aspiring and aiming to be better is the real game. Start thinking that you can be better instead of perfect, and let there always be room for improvement. This leads you to have a reason to be able to do better and better. Isn’t this the motivation?

Do one thing at a time

Doing multiple things at a time is just a myth. Even computer processors don’t do multiple things simultaneously: that’s how we see it. They process one and only one piece of information at a time. Doing more things together creates internal conflicts, both in humans and in computers, and you end up spending more time resolving those conflicts than working.

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