Recommended Shoe Maintenance Tips for Men

Recommended Shoe Maintenance Tips for Men

Investing in quality shoes is standard for all stylish men. And with quality shoes comes the requirement of proper shoe care and maintenance. It’s easy to forget to clean our shoes every now and then due to busy schedules or just laziness, but it’s inexcusable not to give our dress shoes the proper care they deserve.

Here are ways to care for leather shoes to keep them looking good for the long haul, courtesy of top online casinos in Australia.

Shoes hate moisture

Keep your shoes away from moisture as moisture can result in the growth of bacteria which can cause the shoe material to break down easily when you finally wear them. Use desiccants like silica pouches or gels to keep them moisture and bacteria-free. In case you don’t have silica, you can stuff your shoes with newspapers and change them after a week or so, thereby protecting your loved soles from moisture.

Keep away from dust

It is never advisable to wear the same pair of shoes regularly but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cleaned and kept dust-free. Excessive dust can lead to the loss of the natural shoe colour and make them look old. To keep your shoes new as always, polish/clean them on a regular basis. Also, keep your shoes safe and away from regularly used home slippers to avoid dust from settling on them. The best place to keep your shoes is the shoe closet.

Shoe tree is important 

Place a shoe tree while you aren’t wearing your shoes as it ensures that the natural shape and texture of the shoe is restored. Moreover, cedar shoe trees can be used to keep them moisture-free.

Keep away from direct sunlight 

Extreme heat or direct sunlight can result in dry-rotting and can cause them to stiffen up thereby resulting in crumbling. Instead, keep your shoes in a controlled environment and ensure that they have a longer life span when you finally step out or you can just enjoy games at usa real money casinos online.

Don’t use plastic shoeboxes

Soles need proper air circulation and therefore, plastic or even cardboard shoe boxes are never good for them. Use bags that are made of breathable fabric to store shoes and let easy and efficient air circulation. store the shoes.

Use polish and shiner

Just like souls need a healthy regimen to keep their skin young, soles need polish and shiner to stay young. Regularly polishing your shoes and frequently applying a shiner will help in giving your shoes a longer life and help in maintaining their shine and texture.

Rotate your shoes

Ideally leave your shoes for a day after you have worn them. This will allow the moisture to disperse, keeping your shoes fresher and stronger. Shoes that have rested will last significantly longer than a pair worn every day. This may seem like we are pushing for another sale – but on the contrary a ‘rotated pair’ surprisingly will probably last four times as long as a pair worn every day.

Wear new shoes at home first

It is best to try your shoes around the house for a few hours a day, before you go for a full day’s wear. This will soften up the construction and break them in. Some constructions will take a little longer than others.

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