Tips to stay motivated during quarantine

motivated during quarantine

Tips to stay motivated during quarantine

There are two types of motivation: extrinsic, which comes from the recognition of others; and intrinsic, which is generated by an internal interest in developing ourselves as people.

Braking so unexpected and forced your plans for the pandemic of the COVID-19 could have generated in many people with a loss of morale, so here we share tips to motivate you .

Types of motivation

The specialist explains that there are 2 types of motivation:

The external: it is generated by the recognition of others, such as being praised or obtaining an award.

The internal: what is positive for you, even if it is not noticed by others or not recognized by others.

These are the 7 motivation tips we give you:

1) Identify what motivates you

They can be things that you like, but they can also be needs depending on the stage of your life, such as feeling more independent, self-confident or having a healthier life.

2) Define your goals and trace the path to achieve them.

Be clear about your goals and take action: it can be learning something new, improving your relationship with your family, doing things right during the contingency, helping someone or exercising.

3) Talk to yourself

When you already know what you have done well or your strengths, use your internal dialogue: it is important that by talking to yourself you promote motivation, it is worth cheering!

4) Use the fun in your favor

When we are happy the creativity is more present and may have more motivation; if we are happy we will be able to generate new ideas we will feel like moving forward.

5) Enjoy the process

If you only think about the final result and you are still far from that goal, you can run out of energy; It’s okay to think about your goal, but also enjoy the process to appreciate those details of the journey.

6) Surround yourself with optimists

Being with people who believe in us gives us a bigger picture; You can also keep people who inspire you in mind. Locate a person you admire and ask yourself what they would do.

7) Give positive feedback.

It can be about how I feel about what I’m doing, if it makes me feel happy and gives me a sense of well-being; or external feedback, of recognition, of praise, that they tell you that what you are doing is valuable.

” Motivation is a basic ingredient to stay active , focused on our goals, continue to develop as human beings and generate a sense of life,”

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