Top 5 Most Common Microwave Myths 

Top 5 Most Common Microwave Myths 

There are a lot of myths about how microwaves work and what they can and can’t do.

We’ve uncovered the truth behind the top five microwave myths, courtesy of online slot games.

Kills the nutrients in food

At some point, we’ve all been told that microwaved food is less nutritious than food cooked in the oven or on the hob. According to this rumour, microwaves zap the nutrients in fruit and vegetables, leaving you with less tasty, less healthy meals. But according to Harvard Medical School scientists, microwaving helps retain more vitamins and minerals than boiling vegetables in a pan.

Gives cancer

Since microwaves are a form of radiation and we are always warned before getting x-rays, it would make sense that such a falsehood might sound reasonable. However, as the Cancer Council reports, microwaves do not cause food to be radioactive and are not known to cause cancer.

Releases harmful radiation

Yes, microwave ovens use radiation to heat food, but in this respect, they are hardly unique. In fact, all forms of cooking food rely on thermal radiation that can be harmful when put in direct contact with your body (hands off the stove, please). The good news is that thermal radiation from your microwave stays contained within the oven — keeping external parts like doors and handles cool and free from the overheating common to traditional ovens and toasters, and you’re ready to eat snacks for games at

Only good for junk food

While popcorn, leftover pizza and TV dinners are popular uses for the microwave, there’s so much more this versatile and convenient tool can offer to your diet. For instance, flash-frozen vegetables are picked at the peak of freshness, then immediately frozen and sealed in microwave-safe bags to preserve their nutrients and crisp texture. Staples such as rice and legumes also cook wonderfully in the microwave and can serve as the foundation for a wide variety of meals.  Microwaves can even make it easier to maintain healthy eating habits. With a little meal planning, you can cook nutritious meals in advance, freeze them, and later let your microwave.

Dries out your food

As with any cooking method, timing and technique are key to maintaining the right texture and moisture level in your food. The average microwave offers a wide variety of preset modes and power levels, though many users only use the one or two they feel comfortable with.

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