Celebrities with Big Ears

Celebrities with Big Ears

It’s not just ordinary people who have physical defects, even stars have them and are often very proud of them. Here are the famous people who show off big ears

Big ears are a much more widespread imperfection than you think, even among Hollywood stars, who always seem perfect to our eyes. Some VIPs are ashamed of them and hide them with their hair or go for surgery, while others wear them casually, making them a particular sign that wants to give sign against the continuous search for perfection. The article is presented by thestyletribune.com.

7 stars with big ears

Those who mask imperfections well and those who instead show off their defects with great pride, gaining in their charm. Here are the 7 stars who don’t mind their big ears. Let’s see which stars make a point of pride with their big ears.

  1. Kristen Stewart

In the early years of her career, the beautiful Kristen Stewart tended to cover her big ears with long hair and hairstyles that camouflaged their shape. In recent times, however, she has acquired much more confidence, so much so that she has given us a real clean cut by showing off very short, cheeky, and colored hair that highlights her not-exactly proportionate ears. But it doesn’t seem to be a big deal for her. Go so, Kristen!

  1. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes ‘ ears, on the other hand, aren’t exactly big but are too big and not in proportion to her very small but beautiful face. The actress, however, does not mind and she flaunts her ears very often opting for high hairstyles that leave them uncovered. Other times, however, she has tried to divert attention from her blemishes by wearing short but voluminous hair, so much so that her bob cut becomes famous, which she loves to wear both smooth and wavy and which makes her truly wonderful.

  1. Bianca Balti

And here is a local star, the beautiful model Bianca Balti, also with very accentuated and slightly flapping ears. Balti never gives up wearing flashy earrings and hairstyles that leave the ears uncovered with ease.

In order not to draw attention to her imperfection, probably the only one she has, she prefers to highlight her wonderful eyes with beautiful makeup that enhances them.

  1. Kate Hudson

Actress Kate Hudson has never hidden her big ears. In fact, she is often seen with ponytails and updos that put them in the spotlight. After all, her protruding ears are one of her peculiarities that make her unique, sensual, and fascinating.

  1. Miley Cyrus

Even the singer and actress Miley Cyrus seems to be quite proud of her imperfect ears, so much so that she embellishes them with piercings and a tattoo with the words “Love” in one of the two pavilions.

If that’s not self-confidence, we really don’t know how to define it.

  1. Adam Driver

Actor Adam Driver’s protruding ears aren’t his only flaw. The fact that women like him are definitely because of her talent and charm about him, a thousand light years away from perfection.

  1. Will Smith

The actor Will Smith has become an icon thanks to his disproportionate and big ears, already at the time of the sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. It’s almost a trademark that he flaunts with pride and that makes him charming and super likable in the eyes of the public.

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