How to find motivation? 10 tips towards success

Tips to find motivation

How to find motivation? 10 tips towards success

Throughout the life of each person, thousands of alternatives arise in which a decision can be decisive. But what is it that moves us to take one path or another? What is the importance of personal motivation? Motivation in psychology is one of the fundamental skills to enjoy a life full of happiness. Discover how it is created and how to get motivated for each of your goals.

What is motivation?

Broadly speaking, motivation is when we decide to take a path or choose to take a different resolution to the problem in which we are immersed, always with the idea of ​​obtaining something or simply because it makes us feel good and gives us a sense of well-being.

A good definition of motivation would be one that understands it as a process that initiates, guides, and maintains behaviors oriented toward certain objectives. In this way, there are many motivational factors such as certain biological, emotional, social, and cognitive issues that activate this kind of attitude.

Types of motivation

Motivational is essential in all aspects of human life and a tool widely used by psychologists. For this reason, to better understand the psychology of motivational, different ways of classifying it have been determined.

Motivation At Work

Improve our professional status, help us achieve our individual and group goals, or exceed our economic expectations. Our own personal motivation is as important as the one that should be provided to us in our work environment, which is why today new leaders are on the rise who use motivation techniques so that the workgroup they lead can be more productive at the same time. how efficient

Motivation In The Family

Getting motivated to improve our relationships with the members of our family will bring us well-being and will reinforce us when facing possible problems or conflicts that may arise, managing to face them from another point of view, and in this way In this way, provide a warm and calm environment where problems can be discussed and addressed, as well as provide motivational techniques to students. Teenage children, when studying, or entering the world of work for the first time.

Personal Motivation Or Self-Motivation

It consists of doing new activities to feel useful, planning a trip or simply signing up for language classes, yoga, painting, cooking… any motivation focused on a different activity will develop our mind and it will provide us with a pleasant sensation, in addition to influencing the overcoming of crises or small depressions in which we are submerged, at specific moments in our lives. Undoubtedly, motivation is essential to achieve our achievements and personal goals as well as to develop self-confidence. In addition to these types of motivation, we also found another way to classify this attitude based on the factors that activate these behaviors.


The motivational factors that trigger this attitude are subject to events that are outside of us. In this way, this type of motivation implies rewards such as trophies, money, or even social recognition.


The motivations of this style arise from within an individual, that is, they come from their own personal satisfaction.

These are the main types of motivational that we can find in our society. Understanding what our motivational factors are can help us achieve any of the goals we have in mind.


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